SmartLam, LLC is proud to be the first manufacturer of Cross Laminated Timber products in the United States. Our focus is to develop practical, innovative, and sustainable solutions to satisfy all our customer’s project requirements.


SmartLam CLT is the next-generation of engineered wood products. CLT’s amazing strength, rigidity and stability, it is a cost-competitive replacement for the traditional structural materials like steel, concrete, and masonry. CLT is more than a building material; it is a complete structural building system.

SmartLam CLT is a fully engineered product that can be built in multiple layers to meet any specified strength requirements, offering you the correct configuration to optimize your productivity.  Read More


SmartLam is committed to innovative product development and testing, and has developed
solutions and supporting test data for the common building challaneges related to fire, moisture,
acoustic, thermal, ballistic, wind, and others.
Please contact us for more information regarding our product testing and solutions!