Species: V3

Items: Roof, Elevator Shaft and Floor

Ply: 3 and 5 ply

Architect: Cooper Carry Architects

Engineers: Britt Peters

Contractor: Sherman Construction

Type: IV-HT, Education Use

Square Feet: 16,500

Levels: 2

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When the South Carolina forest products industry desired to grow their timber on longer rotations, they needed a new market for their wood. Although the pulp and paper industries were viable markets, many private landowners wanted to sell their timber as sawlogs in the construction industry and have the lumber live on in buildings, having useful, protected existences.

For centuries, collegiate landscapes have been defined by their architecture, whether the stoic gothic revival buildings of the 1800s, or minimal, glassy designs of the mid-20th century. Today, academic institutions are ushering in a new class of energy-efficient, mass timber structures, combined with active design concepts that put student needs first. 

Photos Courtesy of SounderBruce 

Photos Courtesy of Bozeman Co-op, Langlas and associates,  Jessie More 

Photo Courtesy of Horizon Partners Northwest