Quality Assurance Technician

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Quality Assurance Technician


Production Manager




June 2021

Fulltime, non-exempt

Dothan, AL


The primary duty of the SmartLam Quality Assurance Technician is to ensure a top quality, error free product for our customers by systematically monitoring the production process and work with the Production team for implementing strategic changes to improve process and methodology. The QA Technician is accountable for ensuring all products meet product specifications set by the Project Management team and is responsible for continuously pushing SmartLam towards the goal of zero errors and zero customer complaints.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Identify and communicate with all necessary parties to determine quality standards for each individual project
• Interpret blueprints and specifications accurately and efficiently and convey to team members
• Communicate transparently and efficiently
• Ensure Production team has all information necessary to create a high-quality product
• Manage and organize QA production floor space, supporting adjacent teams as needed
• Work closely with CNC, Finishing and Shipping teams to minimize handling of materials
• Communicate with Production Manager, Project Managers, and Shipping team to keep priorities on track
• Meet all production deadlines
• Ensure product meets quality standards and is un-damaged through production and shipping
• Perform QA inspection on products to ensure they meet shop drawing specifications and tolerances
• Create error reports for non-conformances and work with Project Manager and Production Manager to identify best path forward and determine if mitigating procedures are needed.
• Update Zoho database and product moves through the system and is shipped
• Ensure all APA, SFI/SFC requirements and standards are met when applicable
• Use data collected throughout project to find the root cause of problems in our process and work with key stakeholders for solutions
• Trace product errors to their source. Communicate errors and work with Plant Manager for best logical and costly solution
• Make sure all SFI, SFC, APA paperwork is complete and follow proper procedures
• Appropriate stamps to be applied to panels based on project requirements
• Provide teammates with strong leadership and look-out for their wellbeing to ensure their success.

Required Skills & Experience

• Strong written and verbal communication.
• High attention to detail.
• Creative problem solver.
• Positive attitude with a track record of delivering results
• Problem-Solving Skills
• Knowledge of lumber grades and lengths
• Operate safety equipment and use safe work habits
• Certifications: Forklift, First Aid, CPR, AED
• Capable of lifting at least 50 pounds & being on feet for most of the day
• Reliable attendance
• Self-motivated with strong ability to multitask and operate with minimal supervision.
• Ability to motivate, manage, and develop people of all skill levels effectively.

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