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SmartLam Expands in an Uncertain Time for Most


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While other major companies falter amidst uncertainty in lumber and the construction industry following a strange year across these industries, SmartLam North America is growing. SLNA has always been a company full of innovators, with the best and brightest in every aspect of the mass timber industry on their team, from engineering to technology to production to their leadership team.

SmartLam has grown that leadership team with the newly appointed CEO and SVP of Sales and Marketing, Derek Ratchford and Stephen Tolnai, respectively. Derek brings with him decades of experience in the world of Engineered Wood Products. He has successfully led teams at Tolko, Trus Joist and Anthony Forest Products. A more qualified and experienced leader for a mass timber company simply does not exist. Derek perfectly matches the core values, standard of quality, professionalism, state of the art processes, and constant innovation that a company like SmartLam North America embodies.

SmartLam’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Stephen Tolnai, was a part of the team responsible for successfully bringing mass timber to North America. This team also developed an industry-standard design guide for architects and engineers, demonstrating how to design with mass timber and the considerations unique to each project. He also led the implementation of some of the largest, award winning projects in the continent. Just a sample of the many examples; the renowned Brock Commons building in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the largest roof constructed of wood in North America at Rocky Ridge Recreation Center in Calgary, Alberta. Working hand in hand with our dedicated technical sales team, engineering team and marketing team, Stephen negotiates and drives sales with unrivaled knowledge in the field.

Standing strong as a beacon of knowledge and excellence in an industry plagued by soaring lumber prices, fear of the unknown in builders, and the task of educating as well as manufacture, SmartLam North America continues to remain dedicated with continual growth as well as a new powerhouse leadership team, always maintaining their position as one of the companies at the forefront of the mass timber industry for a decade.

CEO of SmartLam North America

SVP of Sales Marketing at SmartLam North America

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