Lost Rabbit Case Study


+ First CLT building in Mississippi
+ Mixed use building
+ Phase 1 was concrete 
+ All future phases will be CLT 

Recently, our team discussed the Condominiums at Lost Rabbit with Todd Everett, the building’s developer and owner. Todd had nothing but great comments about SmartLam and our Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), read on to see what he had to say in our interview. 


Overall impression of CLT: 

Prior to this project we had no understanding of the benefits of CLT. This product greatly impressed our Engineers, Architects, and design team, to the extent we are 100% sold on CLT and SmartLam. We felt a certain reluctance since there were no other CLT projects around, but that obstacle was more than overcome during our experience. We are delighted to be the first CLT job in the state of Mississippi.

Was speed important to your construction project? 

Given the weather variables in our climate, the speed CLT afforded was crucial to project scheduling and completion.

Was CLT easy to build with? 

We were able to effect the erection using our standard contractors who had only experience with conventional construction methods.

What was your favorite part about CLT? 

We are beyond impressed with the appearance and structural integrity with CLT given the spans required. The product is beautiful, we constantly receive favorable comments.

What did you enjoy about working with SmartLam? 

Our contact at SmartLam went out of his way to make this a pleasant experience for us all. Furthermore, our interaction throughout spec, design, engineering, ordering and delivery was beyond first class. We were impressed with the organization to the extent it surprised us how effective they were in doing their jobs and delivering such a quality product on our schedule.

What part of CLT would make you want to use it again? 

We are currently planning additional phases of our building, as well as several more mixed-use projects. We are 100% sure to use CLT from SmartLam.

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