SmartLam Technologies Group provides our customers with a full suite of design and engineering solutions, including programming, planning, budgeting, and design services for a broad range of projects. Working together with our engineering team, SmartLam has the experience to solve a wide range of design challenges, ranging from industrial, commercial, recreational, and residential facilities and structures. Our design team offers our customers a collaborative design approach resulting in innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable design solutions.

Our architectural design and product development services cover all phases of the design process including program development, design development, construction documentation, shop drawings, and construction services.


SmartLam understands every endeavor and every project is unique. This translates into creating a unique solution. Structural performance is a common thread in every product and service line Smartlam provides.
SmartLam’s in-house design team can offer a variety of services from conceptual design help, peer review, full building design services and deferred engineering submittals. Our staff is licensed to practice engineering in the State of Montana. For projects in other States and Canada we partner with a local Structural Engineering firm that is licensed in 50 states and 9 Provinces to service our customer’s needs.
Our engineering group is available to analyze your specific project to develop a safe, efficient and cost effective solution.


Our team of CLT experts can assist you through every step of your project. We are SOLUTION driven and offer the following services:

• Site analysis and assessment
• Project analysis and assessment
• Product analysis and development

We will visit your site, review your plans, or collaborate with your team to develop the right plan, the proper materials, and create the best solution for your specific project.