Industrial Matting


Access Mats

Oilfield and construction access mats allow service companies to build temporary roads for access to remote locations while protecting sensitive terrain from damage and reducing reclamation costs.  Additionally, access mats protect and preserve valuable equipment and personnel from the perils of soft and unstable soils. SmartLam’s light weight panels provide more coverage per truckload, saving money and time, and are easily installed, removed, and cleaned after the job is complete.


Crane Mats

SmartLam Crane Mats provide a stable surface, which is essential to safe usage of large cranes and construction equipment. Our CLT panels provide a firm base for your project with mat configurations to fit any situation.  Our light weight mats allow you to cover larger areas per truckloads, saving you time and money.  Whether its oilfields, pipelines, transmission lines, heavy construction, or environmental remediation assignments, we can design a solution to enhance your project and meet the most rigorous industry standards.

Rig Mats

SmartLam CLT Ulti-Mats™ are a new generation of Rig Mats. Our cross laminated technology creates a solid panel that is able to replace most traditional three-beam and four-beam rig mats. Our CLT mats enable drilling in areas with unstable ground conditions, environmentally sensitive areas, and extreme weather conditions. SmartLam CLT is a fully engineered product that can be built in multiple layers to meet any specified strength requirements, offering you the correct configuration to optimize your productivity.

Bridge Construction

SmartLam’s CLT technology offers an organic, durable, robust bridging solution with a weight reduction of 50% or more compared to conventional bridging products. We offer temporary or permanent Bridging, Bridge Decking, Cribbing and Retaining Walls. Choose from either our modular systems or let us design and manufacture a custom bridge that meets your specific needs.


For Industrial Matting Specifications, see our Industrial Matting Specifications

Custom Matting Solutions

We can customize our mats to conform to any situation! Please contact us to inquire about your specific project and we can provide you with our detailed and comprehensive engineered performance data. We also provide rentals and leasing options.