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About Us

SmartLam is proud to be the first manufacturer of Cross Laminated Timber products in the United States. Located in timber-rich Northwest Montana, SmartLam manufactures Cross Laminated Timber for use in a variety of applications. Our focus is to develop practical, innovative, and sustainable solutions to satisfy all of our customer’s project requirements. The SmartLam team of industry leading professionals are dedicated to producing the finest products and delivering the highest levels of customer service. We are proud of our people, our process, and our products.

About CLT

CLT is the next-generation of engineered wood products. Extensively tested and widely used in Europe for the past 20 years, CLT has limitless applications for construction, industrial matting, bridging and beyond. Anything that is built with wood, steel, concrete, or masonry can be built with CLT! Because of CLT’s amazing strength, rigidity and stability, it is a cost-competitive replacement for the traditional structural materials like steel, concrete, and masonry.